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Big Things Come In Little Packages

There is nothing like a clever idea that makes our world a little easier and nicer. Introducing to Ruby Rouge - Shirt In A Box by Threadz!

Threadz was established in 2006 and are proud to bring women fast moving fashion that FITS! Their main focus is to bring affordable fashion that suits women of all ages and sizes, which aligns with the Ruby Rouge brand nicely.

Imagine taking this away on your travels. You can twist it into a tight little ball and pop it in your suitcase and just pull it out and wear for that crinkled look or you can iron nice and flat and crease free. Perfection!

It is the perfect little sleeveless shirt to give that jumper a collar without being all stuffy and to give you just a little layer to cover your tummy or bottom areas. It is just so clever!

Shirt In A Box retails for $39.95 and comes in silver or white!

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