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A Step In The Right Direction

Australia’s leading footwear brand is now available at Ruby Rouge and is a true labour of love for young partners, Ben and Natalie, the business has evolved alongside their relationship. Now married with two beautiful children, with holster often referred to as their third child, they are passionate about growing the brand’s global reach, focusing on innovation, construction and design.

As parents, Holster co-founders, Ben Nothling and Natalie Miller are acutely aware of the impact that the fashion industry can have on future generations and, as such, ensure they are taking the necessary steps to reduce holster’s ecological footprint.

Mr Nothling states, “Our passion for animals then led us into producing 100% Vegan footwear. The next step was to be registered by the Vegan Society and we are very proud of the fact that we are the first Australian footwear brand to be registered with such a renowned vegan organisation. The logo will now be easily visible to consumers, in a growing market where this once alternative lifestyle is now becoming very mainstream”.

According to Google Trends, Australia is the top country in the world searching for ‘vegan’, with a dramatic rise in ‘vegan’ searches in the last 12 months, making Australia the largest growing vegan market in the world.Nothling continues, “We are excited to see that the Veganism movement is a growing trend fuelled by social media and expanding social awareness of environmental issues, so we expect that this registration will gain lots of interest and attract more people who align with our philosophy”.

The SS17 Azura Collection, which was released worldwide and into our Noosaville Boutique in 2017, has been registered and we will continue to register all collections we create due to our love for animals. Consumers on the whole are well informed on what it means to be vegan friendly and how it relates to the prevention of cruelty to animals.

“My wife Natalie (holster designer) grew up in Noosa and from a young age always felt a true love for animals. Our mission is to help prevent animal cruelty and embrace ethical production processes by producing shoes that do not contain animal products. This cause is very close to our hearts which is why the brand has previously, and will continue to, support animal welfare causes”, Mr Nothling said.

We are very proud to be a stockist of holster and begin our journey with these gorgeous styles which are available in store now.




Stocking shoes is new for Ruby Rouge and although we will not be stocking a large amount we will endeavour to bring you products that are not only fashionable but brands that we are proud to stock.

Come in and grab yours now!

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