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Ruby Rouge is all about wanting our customers to feel amazing and we thought this may be of interest to some of you. Looking good and feeling good, go hand in hand. When we look good we feel good and when we feel good, we look good. I always love to look my best and I think most people would imagine that I have this huge bag of makeup and that it takes forever to apply my makeup - the truth is I have very few items in my makeup bag and if it is going to take more than 5 minutes, I am really not interested!

I will rarely take more than 5 minutes to do my makeup and I always get compliments about it. So, I thought it would be nice to share with you the amazing woman that taught me and have her teach you through one of her vlogs, 'Everyday Make-up Routine in 5 minutes'. Make sure you take notes so you can gather your essential items and I thought that you should know that Kelly does not have any 'deals' or endorsements with any of the brands she uses - she simply just loves them and has used them for as long as I can remember!

Kelly is beautiful, dynamic, passionate and driven but also very down to earth and relatable. She shares with us her experiences as a woman over 40 and how she is LIVING her life. You can find out more and view all her videos on her YouTube channel, Memore TV by Kelly Nahama. Kelly predominantly covers the genres of paleo, fitness, motherhood and beauty.

There is so much to see and so much to learn from this amazing woman. Make sure you subscribe to her YouTube Channel and follow her on Facebook or Instagram - it is so worth it!

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