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You Couldn't IMAGINE Something So Perfect

Most people that see this brand in the flesh, fall in love with it immediately. Not only are the fabrics luxurious, quality fabrics, the designs are simplicity at it's best. The label 'Imagine' is made in Italy and owned by an Adelaide couple who are now located on the Gold Coast.

Usually the fabrics are 100% linen, cotton or silk and this is evident when you see and feel them up close. The clever design makes their ONE SIZE believable. It can look amazing on a size 8 woman and a size 20 - of course not everything is going to look great on everyone but it is definitely worth a try.

So many of their designs can be dressed up for an elegant but comfortable outfit for a wedding or an event and just as easily become an easy piece to wear with a pair of denim jeans and beads.

Imagine Top - Ruby Rouge

Ruby Rouge is proud to be an Imagine stockist and we have new pieces in nearly every week - it has been hard to keep up with our clients - as quick as it comes in, it is leaving us.

You will find Ruby Rouge has a conservative retail price compared to some others and we just love having it in store for you.

If you have a special occasion coming up or just love luxury pieces, then come and see for yourself - you couldn't IMAGINE something so perfect.

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