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Why Should You Come to Our Opening Celebration?

We are so excited to be officially celebrating the opening of Ruby Rouge Boutique at Brighton Central this Thursday night and would love you to come along. There are many reasons for us to celebrate and we are just loving meeting all our new customers and welcoming our existing ones.

I just love the fact that you can come down to Brighton Central and do your grocery shopping in the fabulous new Foodland - it is just AMAZING! and whilst you run in to buy that loaf of bread and milk, you can now go to the chemist, the bakery, the butcher, grab some beautiful seafood, get your hair done, have a glass of wine or buy a bottle, buy a spectacular new phone cover and of course, the essentials - something from Ruby Rouge because we all need something new in our wardrobes! Brighton Central has done a truly magnificent job bringing this all to life - we love it!

So, that is why we are very excited to be celebrating and there are many reasons you should join us and here are just a few....